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Disclaimer:  This article is purely informational, and in no way represents a commercial relationship between and United Airlines Inc. is not affiliated with or sponsored by United Airlines or its affiliates.  To the contrary, due to the aggressive and repulsive legal attacks that we and other websites such as and and even United's own employees have reportedly endured at the hands of United's team of lawyers, we absolutely do not endorse, recommend, or sell any product or service provided by United Airlines, including the United MileagePlus frequent flyer programs.  We do not sell airline tickets, so we have nothing to gain by recommending one airline or mileage program over another.  It is just our personal opinion that United Airlines should be avoided by customers at all costs.   In our case, we were providing free advertising for them, a referral to them, increasing their business, at no gain of our own, and to thank us they threatened us with a lawsuit for doing so.  The very first contact we ever received was a threatening letter by their lawyers.  That is the way that United Airlines runs their business, and therefore we feel they do not deserve your business or ours.

This page formerly contained a summary of the United MileagePlus frequent flyer miles program.  It described how you could earn tons of miles, how you could use the mileage program to get free travel to Cancun, and more.  We even provided a direct link to United's website where you could sign up for the program.  We gave free advertising to United Airlines and their MileagePlus frequent flyer program, promoted their services and gave them free exposure.  We did not gain anything by doing so, it was just an honest way to try to assist people to get good deals to Cancun.


Then one day we received a threatening letter from United's attorneys, threatening us with a lawsuit if we didn't remove the entirely positive material from our website.  No personal contact, no asking nicely, just a letter threatening to sue us.  Par for the course for United, who is well known in the industry for leading with their lawyers, and for being sued by customers and employees alike for the way they do business.  A book we read lately by a business expert referred to United Airlines as the worst run corporation in America.  Then we got this letter, and now we understand why.


The reviews speak for themselves.


Customer Reviews of United Airlines:


Rip-Off Report

Better Business Bureau


News Articles


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It's not only us - United's legal patterns:
Association of Flight Attendants


Nobody had heard of Skiplagged before United sued them.  Now they are booming.  We were sending customers to sign up for United's MileagePlus frequent flyer miles plan, with great free advertising.  Now we're bashing them instead.  Maybe United should rethink their customer service strategy - a simple nice note goes a long way. All you had to do was ask.

Other Resources


I Hate United Facebook Community


You have a choice in air travel.  Make it wisely.


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