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If you are visiting Cozumel, but are looking to have some extra.  This is the chance to start having some extra fun as the sun goes down!  We offer great dinner cruises and booze cruises that will keep you entertained before and after the sun has set.  You can dance and have fun, enjoy a booze cruise or have a romantic sailing trip on a catamaran.  Of course, all of our sunset cruises are discounted and all entitle you to our famous Cozumel Fun Card, enjoy!


All Tours Depart From Cozumel

Pirate Ship Dinner Cruise Pirates Night Dinner Cruise
FROM $67.50
YOU SAVE 10% !

Cozumel Sunset Sailing Catamaran Catamaran Sunset Sailing
$59.00 $40.00
YOU SAVE 30% !

Cozumel Catamaran Sailing Tour Private Sunset
Sailing Charter

FROM $45.00

Private Yacht

FROM $295.00


Sunset Tours - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm on a cruise ship, can I take these tours?
: Most cruise ships will leave too early to do a sunset cruise, but if your ship is scheduled to leave port at 9:00 PM or later, then you can do the sunset sailing, or if your ship is scheduled to leave port at 10:00 PM or later, then you can do the dinner cruise.

Q: I'm afraid I'll get seasick - what should I do?
We always recommend taking a prevention like Bonine or 24 hour Less Drowsy Dramamine one hour before departure. You'll also want to eat something before hitting the open bar. We don't recommend regular Dramamine, as it can make you drowsy. These simple preventions can make all the difference in your enjoyment of any boat tour.

Q: Do these tours run rain or shine?
All tours in Cozumel run rain or shine, unless there is a storm or it's too windy for the boat to go out. If it was to rain, it's a warm rain in 80 degree plus weather, and normally very short lived, only a few minutes in length. Just par for the course in the tropics!

Q: It's our anniversary (or honeymoon) - which one is best for us?
For a romantic evening, you'll probably want the catamaran sunset sail. If you want some lively music and dancing, audience participation games, and raucous pirate shows, then you'll want to look at the Pirates Night.

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