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Your Guarantee

Spanish Language Course With approximately 30 minutes of study per day, you will become conversational in 30 days! - GUARANTEED.

Does that sound impossible? Watch our Spanish online demo to see and hear the first 15-minutes of the program. We want to let you see how the program works, before purchasing.


Because we are so confident you will like how The Visual Link Spanish™ Course works, we give you a 30 day free trial period. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the product before 30 days and credit will be returned to your credit card or a check will be sent to you in the mail.*


"…Just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying the lessons. I had previously tried learning Spanish from some audio tapes, and also had a Spanish grammar book, but your system is by far the best. It is wonderful to be able to hear and see the words and phrases at the same time."

- Joy Outka, South Dakota