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(like Johann Sebastian Bach)

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Sandra: Torshälla, Sweden

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Our names are Johann and Sandra.  If you've been around the net for long, you've probably seen us on one of our popular websites or an internet forum somewhere.  We don't live in Cancun all year, but we are there as often as possible.  We are licensed travel agents, and own our own travel agency, JS Tour & Travel and are members of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), the most trusted and prestigious travel association in the world, as well as the IATA (International Air Transport Association).

During our travels, we have researched our destinations extensively, and have found many great tools to save money on our vacations.  We have been bringing you our advice and assistance on Cancun, one of our favorite places, for years on our site at https://www.johann-sandra.com/cancun.htm.

As the feedback we've received and scope of our site has grown, we decided that the best way to offer assistance to our visitors from Cancun was to start a new site that focused only on Cancun, and gave people from all over the world a place to meet and find new ways to save money on their trips!

The best part about a site like this is that we use it too!  It consolidates all the money-saving opportunities we know about into one convenient place.  We were tired of wading endlessly through search results trying to find the information about Cancun we were looking for.  This makes it so easy!

Do you know about a Cancun Discount or Coupon that is not featured on this site?  Do you have a general question about Cancun?  Do you just want to say "hi"?  Drop us a line!  We're happy to hear from you. 

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