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On this page, we list a few of our favorite travel sites, ones we recommend to you.  These are mostly links of personal interest that we enjoy and have found useful in the past.  These sites are hand-picked by us for their value to our site visitors, and yes - some gratuitous including of our friends too.  What can we say?  We're real people!  Use the links above to see website resources about other areas too.

Have a link you think would be useful?  E-Mail Us and we'll take a look.

Latin America Travel Resources

Argentina Tours:
This is a comprehensive website about one of our favorite places - Argentina.  If you're looking for somewhere new and amazing to visit, take a look.

General Travel Resources

Galen Frysinger's Website
Our hero - Mr. Frysinger has traveled to over 170 countries and 91 dependent territories in his amazing life.  You'll be amazed, as we were.

Johann & Sandra's Web: Travel
Our personal website - although we haven't kept up on it as much as we'd like, there is still a lot of information there, including photo galleries, travelogues, and our popular directories, that offer great information about places we've been.

This is one of those places that's great to use as a surfing hub.  There are so many great travel sites here, you can surf for hours.

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