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You have several choices of how to get to and from the Cancun airport.  The first option is to take the collectivo or the bus.  Collectivos run between the airport and the Cancun Hotel Zone regularly.  The bus to Playa Del Carmen runs about every 1-2 hours.  While the bus is an inexpensive option for 1 or 2 passengers, most people prefer to take a Cancun airport shuttle.  A typical bus ride would consist of you waiting at the curb for your bus to arrive in the tropical heat.  Once it gets there, you pack onto it with as many people as can cram in.  The bus doesn't usually leave until it is full.  Then, on the way to the hotel, the bus will usually make dozens of stops, and it can take a very long time to get to your destination compared with a private taxi or airport transfer service.  In addition, walking to and from the bus stop dragging your luggage around isn't most people's idea of a great vacation.

Many people opt to rent a car if they are staying outside of Cancun.  However, if you're staying in Cancun, it's not really necessary to rent a car, unless you plan on taking some excursions on your own.  The bus system within the city is excellent and runs 24 hours.  Rates for rental cars start at less than $20 per day, but you'll need to purchase the insurance in accordance with Mexican law.  See our Cheap Cancun Rental Cars page for the lowest rates on car rentals.

A taxi is a viable option, if you can afford one.  Taxis are not allowed to pick you up at the airport, but they can bring you back.  However, most people arrange their Cancun airport transfers on the internet in advance to avoid the hassle.  Most often the airport transfers are cheaper than a taxi anyway.  But they are available for you if you want one to take you back to the airport or around town.  The drivers are maniacs, so be prepared.

The vast majority of visitors to Cancun arrange airport transportation with an airport transfer service, either through their tour agency, their hotel, or through online discounters like us.   We've scoured the internet to find you the best prices on Cancun airport transfers.  We've compared dozens of rates to arrive at the best ones. 

When you book airport transfers online, not only do you save money over letting your hotel or tour operator arrange it for you, but you are assured that your driver will be waiting for you at the airport when you arrive.  The driver will be holding a sign with your name on it, or will have a very obviously colored vehicle or clothing.  They make themselves easy to find in the chaos of the airport, and there's no waiting.  With a private airport shuttle, you go directly to your hotel and back with no stops.  This is a very cost-effective way to get to and from the airport if you have a larger group.  If you are only one or two people, it will be worth your while to take a shared shuttle.  Our one-person airport shuttles guarantee that you will make no more than two stops before arriving at your hotel.  The hotels are so close together that one or two stops don't take that long.  The driver will pick you up at your hotel when it is time to return home.  We always choose this option when we visit Cancun.

Q: What is the best way to get from the Airport to my hotel and back?
The vast majority of visitors to Cancun pre-reserve airport transfers online before they leave for Cancun.  This allows you to avoid the crowds, timeshare scams, and long waits at the airport for transportation to your hotel.  It also guarantees you pickup at your hotel.  Very convenient and easy.

Q: What about taking a taxi?
Taxis are not allowed at the airport for pickups.  Only official airport shuttles such as ours and collectivos are allowed.  Collectivos are large shuttle buses that cost the same as our shared transfers.  These buses wait to fill entirely up before leaving to drop off the many passengers at their hotels.  Our shuttles are much faster, smaller, more comfortable, and more convenient than a collectivo.

Q: Should I do a shared or private transfer?
If you are one or two people, it will be cheaper for you to take a shared transfer.  These transfers fill up quickly and only take a few other people with hotels close to yours.  For more than two people, it is worth it to take a private transfer.  The price difference is minimal, and you have express transfer to and from your hotel. Our shared shuttle service is for hotels only, so, if you are staying at a private residence, condo or airbnb you will need to use our private transfers.

Q: Can you take me from the Cancun Airport to my Cozumel hotel?
Yes! We now offer an option for shared transfers from the Cancun Airport all the way to your Cozumel hotel and back, including ferry tickets. We also offer shared and private transfers from the Cozumel Airport as well.

Q: Do you go to Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, Isla Mujeres, Puerto Aventuras, Kantenah, Akumal, Riviera Maya, Puerto Morelos, etc?
A: Yes!  We offer transfers from the Cancun Airport to anywhere in the Yucatan.  Just choose shared or private shuttle to see the rates for your hotel.

Q: How will the driver know where and when to pick me up?
You'll tell us your flight arrival and departure information when booking - we'll be there to pick you up at the airport and we'll let you know when to be out front of your hotel when you're heading home.

Q: How will I find my driver?  What if my flight is delayed?
When you exit customs, you‘ll see our booth where you‘ll check in for your transfer. We‘ll escort you to your driver who will be waiting for you curbside. If you choose a private transfers, when you exit customs, our greeter will be waiting for you, holding a sign with your name on it. We'll escort you to your driver who will be waiting for you curbside. We‘ll send you complete details with your reservation. You‘ll supply us with your flight arrival and departure time - it's our job to track the flight and make sure we're there when you are -  don‘t worry, this is what we do.

Q: Can you do transfers within the area (not just to/from the airport)?
Yes, we can do that for you! You will be charged the same rate for all transfers within Cancun through Puerto Morelos. If you wish to go to another destination like the Marina or Playa del Carmen, we can arrange that too. Please use the contact button above to call us or chat with us, and we'll see what we can do.

Q: Can I bring my bicycle to Cancun?
Yes, you can! If you book a private transfer, just let us know in the special requests box. If you prefer a shared transfer, you will need to purchase an additional ticket so that we can accommodate enough room for your bike.

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