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Do you hate the tour bus environment, but want to see the splendors of Cancun?  Do you have a large group of people and would like to do a tour that all of you can enjoy together without the hassles of the group environment?  Do you just want to enjoy your vacation without having to worry about anybody else?  Our Private Cancun Tours are just the thing for you! 


All Tours Pick Up At Cancun Hotels - See Also From Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya

Xcaret Private Tour Private Xcaret

FROM $147.00

Xel-Ha Private Tour Private Xel-Ha

FROM $129.00

Xel-Ha Tulum Tour Private Tulum
Xel Ha Combo

FROM $149.00

Private Chichen Itza Chichen Itza &
Ik Kil Private

FROM $89.00


Ek Balam Extreme Ek Balam

FROM $109.00

Cenote Snorkeling Private Cenote
& Snorkeling

FROM $85.00

Tulum Xcaret Tour Private Xcaret
Tulum Combo

FROM $159.00

Cancun Tour Private Cancun
City Tour

FROM $140.00


Tulum - Xel Ha Tour Private Tulum
Coba Tour

FROM $59.00


Tulum - Xel Ha Tour Private
Tulum Express

FROM $49.00

Private Coba Tour Private Coba

FROM $49.00

Private Ek Balam Tour Ek Balam
Private Tour

FROM $109.00


These tours include just you, your party, and your driver.  No tour bus, no tourist masses, just your group and the wonders Caribbean Mexico.  These tours are available from anywhere in Cancun, and throughout the entire Riviera Maya including Playa del Carmen.  Cruise ship passengers from Cozumel - this is a great option for you!  Tired of missing the scheduled tours because you dock too late?  We'll take you where you want to go on your schedule.  We'll pick you up from the Playa Del Carmen ferry dock and return you there on the return trip so you can ferry back to Cozumel.

Private Tours - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I set my own schedule or are there set times?
You can request whatever start time you like, within reason.  You can also decide when you would like to come home - it's your private tour, your schedule.

Q: Will the tour be in a bus, van, car, or what?
Our private tours are done in air-conditioned vans.

Q: Will you pick me up at my hotel?
A: Yes, hotel pickup is always included, unless you're staying in Cozumel. In that case, we'll pick you up at the Playa del Carmen ferry dock.  You'll just ride the ferry over to Playa del Carmen on your own.

Q: Will you pick up at Calica or the Cancun Cruise Docks?
We'll pick you up anywhere you like.  Can be a private residence, cruise ship dock, ferry dock, at a restaurant, at another activity, the market, or whatever.

Q: What if I want extra time beyond the normal tour time?
You can add more time for $30 per hour.

Q: I have more than 10 people in my group - can we all ride together?
A: Our vans hold only 10 people.  We don't have access to larger vehicles.  If you have more than 10 people, you'll have to reserve two vans.

Q: Why does the price go down the more people I have?
There is a set cost for transportation.  The more people you have, the more people there are to split this cost, which makes it less for everyone.  The exception is if you have more than 10 people.  In this case, we have to take more than one van, so now transportation costs for 2 vans and 2 drivers are split between your group.  So, a group of 15 people will cost more than a group of 14 people.

Q: Are there seatbelts? What about Child Seats?
There are seatbelts for 10 passengers.  Child seats are available upon request.

Q: Do you charge the same price for kids?
A: No.  We have kids rates from ages 5 to 11.  Under 5 are free. 12 and up are priced as adults.

Q: Can you do a custom itinerary?
Yes.  Just contact us and we can help you set something up.

Q: Are your tours only available from Cancun?
No, we'll pick you up from anywhere in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, or the Riviera Maya.  Areas that are the opposite direction from the tour destination may be subject to an additional charge.  These are shown on the tour detail pages.  If your hotel is on the way to the tour destination, there is no additional charge.  If you are staying in Cozumel, or are on a cruise ship, you'll get picked up at the Ferry docks in Playa del Carmen or Puerto Juarez, or at the cruise ship port in Calica or Cancun.

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