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1.  Are you a travel agency?
2:  I'm Leaving for Cancun in Two Hours.  Can I still Book Tours?
3.  Is Pre-Booking Activities and Travel on the Internet Necessary? Is It safe?
4.  I can't find the activity I'm looking for on your site.
5.  Do you accept advertising?
6.  Why should I reserve my Cancun Tours and Excursions online?
7.  Why use Cancun Discounts for your Cancun Tours and Activities?
8. How are the tours so cheap? Are they modified versions of the original?
9. I booked a tour through you, but received a confirmation from someone else!
10. Why don't you have reviews on TripAdvisor?
11. I have more questions, how can I contact you?


 Are you a travel agency?

Yes.  Cancun Discounts is a subsidiary of JS Tour & Travel, a certified member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), the most trusted and prestigious travel association in the world.  We are also certified by IATA, the world's licensing authority for travel agents and agencies.  We book thousands of vacations and tours each year, and are happy to help you with your needs.  You can also read more About Us or read our Customer Feedback.

First and foremost, though, we are a couple who love to travel, and Cancun is one of our favorite places.  We spent so much time during our visits to Cancun surfing the internet trying to find deals and tours, that we decided it was time to consolidate the information in one place.  And Cancun Discounts was born!

Cancun Discounts is a clearinghouse for Cancun, Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, and Riviera Maya tours and activities, and we give you a bigger selection of tours than anyone else in Cancun.  We try to offer every single tour in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera - there's no need to look anywhere else.  You won't find any lower prices anywhere, or any tours we don't offer.  You can find it here! 

2.  I'm leaving for Cancun in two hours.  Can I still book tours?

Yes.  However, it is unlikely we'll be able to get your tour booked, confirmed, and your voucher made before you leave.  Not to worry though, you'll just check your e-mail from your hotel's internet kiosk.  Alternatively, you can write in the special instructions when booking that you'd like us to fax it to you at your hotel.

3.  Is pre-booking activities and travel on the internet necessary?  Is it safe?

Yes!  Many people who decide to wait until their arrival in Cancun to book their activities find out that the popular activities, such as Swim With the Dolphins, sell out weeks in advance.  They are disappointed, and have to settle for the second-rate activities.  They are also shocked to find out that most hotels and travel agencies add significant surcharges onto the tour rates that they charge.  Our tour discounters are able to offer big savings over those hotel tour desks, and we consolidate many tour operators into one site so you can have the widest selection possible.

As for travel, the online sites that we feature offer you the ability to search hundreds of sites for the best deals available.  Your travel agent may only tell you about the offers from the specific agencies that they have set up deals with.  Therefore, you may end up paying hundreds of dollars more!  It is especially important to reserve rental cars online before your trip.  They are popular, and many sell out long before you get to the airport!  The same applies for Airport Transportation.  Make sure you have in booked well in advance, so you are not stranded, or end up paying big money for a taxi!

As for safety, all our featured providers offer SSL encryption, which is the internet standard measure of security.  As with all internet transactions, paying with a credit card is recommended because credit cards offer fraud protection.   You will usually be refunded by your credit card company should any type of fraud take place.  You can book online with Cancun Discounts and our featured merchants without fear.

4.  What if the activity I'm interested in is not featured on your site?

If you don't find the activity you're looking for, try searching our site using the search box in the right column.  Sometimes the exact activity for you is just hiding in another category.  For instance, on our Cancun Snorkeling page, Xel-Ha and Xcaret are two of the most popular snorkeling destinations in Cancun.  Why are they not listed on that page?  Because they are so popular, we gave them their own pages!  If you still don't find it, we may just not have it listed.  We try to show all the available activities from the Quintana Roo area, but sometimes we could overlook something.  We're only human!  Please e-mail us and we'll try to add it as soon as possible!

5.  Do you accept advertising?

Yes.  You can sponsor many types of advertising with us.  See Our Options.

6. Cancun Activities, Excursions and Tours - Why reserve online?

Cancun hotels, and also hotels in Playa Del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, as well as other Mexico locales charge tour companies a fee to set up their booth at the hotel.  To cover this charge, and the commissions that the hotel receives for tours sold, the tour provider must charge higher rates to cover their costs.  If you reserve online in advance, you'll avoid all those nasty hotel surcharges and save money on your Cancun tours, excursions and activities!

The hotel usually works with only one tour company, so you're limited to the tours that the one company offers.  For example, your hotel may not offer an excursion to Sian Ka'an Biosphere, or to Coba Mayan ruins.  Many hotels don't.  While most offer a tour to Xcaret and Xel-Ha, if you're at a smaller hotel, your hotel may not even offer Cancun tours for you!  If you're looking to conserve money by staying in a vacation rental, you'll also miss out on a tour booth at the condominium. 

Many of the most popular Cancun activities, excursions and tours sell out well in advance.  If you want to swim with the dolphins, or take a jungle tour, you'd better reserve online before you travel, or you're taking a big chance on being disappointed.  When we were last in Cancun, and did the Swim With the Dolphins attraction at Xcaret, there were many people who were being turned away because the attraction was sold out.   There was a separate line for people who didn't have advance tickets that was a mile long, while we skated right in, with no wait and no problems.  This is very important advice!

You've worked hard all year to take your Cancun vacation.  Don't you owe it to yourself to enjoy every minute of it?  Why waste your vacation reviewing tour guide manuals, researching which tour is best for you, discussing it with your family, etc. when you could be swimming in the beautiful Caribbean, getting a tan on the beautiful white sand beach, snorkeling the coral reefs, or sailing to Isla Mujeres?  Take it from us, you'll be happy you took care of all that before hand.  You'll want to reserve your Airport Transportation in advance too, so you aren't taken on an involuntary sightseeing tour around the Yucatan, or left waiting at the curb for an hour in the hot sun.

7. Why use Cancun Discounts for your Cancun Tours and Activities?

We are licensed travel agents, who book thousands of tours and activities every year.  But, more importantly, we're just a couple of regular people like you who love traveling and love Cancun!  We won't try to sell you on a bogus tour just to make a buck.  We'll give you our honest advice about a particular attraction or tour, since we've done most of them ourselves!  We do all our travel reservations online, and encourage everyone to do so.  We also are diligent bargain shoppers and look for good deals on first-class hotels and Cancun tours.  Now we're passing on this information to you, and our customers appreciate it.  Don't take our word for it - take a look at our Customer Feedback and see for yourself.

Most other sites, similarly to a hotel tour booth, offer tours from their featured Cancun tour provider.  If their provider doesn't offer the tour, you aren't offered it either.  We team with several of the best tour providers in Cancun to bring you the best prices and best tour or excursion for you.  We don't just give you one choice for a particular tour, we show you the various options that are out there, and we show you the prices too.  Why surf the net tirelessly for that perfect tour or Cancun activity when you can find most of them right here in one spot?  Tour shopping with Cancun Discounts saves you a tremendous amount of time as well as money.  Is there a tour you don't see here that you want to do?  Let us know and we'll hook you up!

We offer you a chance to give your feedback on a particular tour or activity by e-mail, phone or live chat.   If your tour was great, or even if it wasn't feel free to tell us about it.  We work with our providers to give you the highest quality Cancun tours and if a particular tour is below par, we'll let our provider know about it!  We only work with reputable providers, so we are confident that they'll take care of you.  Have a problem with your tour or need something "out of the box"?  Imagine who has more pull with the tour operators - you (who may only book one tour ever), or us, who deliver thousands of customers a year to that operator.  You have a much better chance of getting a refund or getting assistance if you use us to provide you with a voice to the tour operators when you need it the most.

Maybe the biggest benefit is on the customer service side.  We offer English-speaking customer support via chat, email and phone, 7 days a week.   No worries about making an international phone call, no worries about not speaking Spanish, no worries about foreign transaction surcharges on your credit card.  With us, everything is easy, everything is streamlined, we are here for you.

8.  How are the tours so cheap? Are they modified versions of the original?

You may have read on other sites about discounters selling "modified versions" of the original tours.  We have never witnessed anything like this in Cancun, except from timeshare salesmen.  This is simply a scare tactic used to drive sales to the site.  Our tours are all full and complete tours and are not "modified" in any way.  Our customers are happy with the service and tours they receive, and the great savings we offer.  We get these great prices because we bring so much business to the tour operators and hotels that we can get big volume discounts. We don't just pocket this savings, we pass it on to you!  Our main goal is to help you to have a great time in Cancun and make the most of your stay here.

9. I booked a tour with you but got a confirmation from someone else!  Is everything okay?

We are a tour clearinghouse.  We list every tour in town in one convenient location for you to browse and reserve.  However, these tours are run by several different companies.  When you place your reservation, it is filled directly by the tour agency that sponsors the tour.  So, you will sometimes receive confirmation and booking instructions from this company, rather than Cancun Discounts.

For this reason, we don't have a shopping cart - you book each tour ala carte with a different reservation.  Seems cumbersome, but not as much as hunting for days around the internet to find these tours on your own.  You may book three tours with us, but you may receive three different confirmations with three different companies.  This is normal and to be expected.  Each tour will have it's own confirmation and contact information.

10. Why don't you have any reviews on TripAdvisor?

Because we offer hotel bookings, TripAdvisor views us as competition so they won't list us.  Might cut into their business.  Remember TripAdvisor does not exist for the public good, they are a profit-seeking publicly held company worth $7 Billion (with a B!) dollars, whose first commitment is naturally to increase profits for their shareholders. They're not going to do anything to help promote their competition.  Can't blame them of course, business is business, but it's important to understand. However, you can find tons of reviews on us using the search feature on TripAdvisor's forums, also on Google Plus and other sites.  Read more About Us and our Customer Feedback and proceed with confidence.

11. I have more questions, how can I contact you?

If these FAQ's don't answer your question, you can contact us and we'll happily answer your questions for you.

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