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By now, you've probably heard about Cancun's reputation as a spring break haven, a party town full of drunk, half-naked college kids, and you're probably wondering whether it's the right thing to bring your kids to such a place.  What will there be for them to do, and will they be corrupted by the atmosphere?  Well, a word of advice is that spring break only happens for a couple of months a year.  Don't take your kids during mid-February to mid-April if you have a choice.  The rest of the year it is much like any vacation town, but you may want to seek out a family-friendly resort like the Crown Paradise Club, Dreams Resort & Spa, Club Med or the Avalon Grand Cancun. There are also many family-friendly activities to keep your kids occupied throughout your vacation.  We've put together some suggestions to help you out. 

What To Do With Kids in Cancun

  • First and foremost, kids love water.  If you keep them where they can swim and snorkel, they'll probably be happy. 

  • We offer a Swim With Dolphins program set up just for young children which they'll love, and older kids can do the regular program which they'll remember forever.  

  • An exciting family adventure is the Selvatica Canopy Tour - zip lines through the jungle.   Family fun for ages 3 and up!

  • A trip to Xel Ha or Xcaret will keep the kids entertained all day long, and they'll always love a day at Wet N Wild or Garrafon Park.

  • New to Cancun is Xplor Adventure Park, featuring zip lines, water landings, subterranean rivers, cenotes, and self-drive amphibious vehicles.  It is taking Cancun by storm!

  • The Cancun Interactive Aquarium is a family-friendly activity that is popular.  

  • You can have dinner at a fun restaurant like the Rain Forest Cafe - kids love that place.  You can get 2x1 discounts on the Rain Forest Cafe and many other places with the Entertainment Plus Cancun Discount Card.  

  • The Jungle Tour is popular with kids, as are the ATV tours (at least for older kids). 

  • Horseback Riding is fun for older kids, especially if you have girls.

  • The Ventura Park is a mega theme park, with many thrilling worlds of entertainment inside. Roller-coasters, bungee-jumping, zip-lines, dolphin swims and so much more to discover!

  • Our Isla Mujeres Fun Day cruise has a kids club that makes this a great family excursion.

  • The Subsee Explorer and Atlantis Submarine are unique ways to see the underwater world of Cancun without ever getting wet.  Perfect for families with kids of all ages - they will be excited.

What Not To Do With Kids in Cancun

  • In general, Mayan Ruins, though fascinating for adults, are going to be boring for the kids.  Long bus rides to look at piles of rubble just aren't going to do it for them.  If you're going to do this, you may want to consider a combo tour like Tulum / Xel Ha, so at least they can swim when the boring part is over. 

  • Booze Cruises aren't probably a good idea, and keep them far away from the Bullfights.  Animals being stabbed in the brain repeatedly until they die isn't probably the best thing for kids to witness. 

  • You won't want to go to an establishment for dinner like Carlos N Charlies or Senor Frogs, unless you're out of there before 9:00 or so.  It starts to get pretty wild. 

  • A wildlife sanctuary like Sian Kaan or Isla Contoy is probably going to make the kids a bit restless too.

How Can I Afford a Cancun Vacation With My Kids?

  • Airfare isn't going to vary that much.  You can try a site like SkyAuction to find charter flights, but other than that, you're going to pay close to the same prices no matter what site you use.  However, the time of year can make a huge difference.  See our Cheap Airfares page for details.

  • Hotel can really impact your vacation cost.  All-inclusive packages are probably not the best idea, since your kids don't eat that much, or drink alcohol (hopefully).  Therefore, you're not getting your money's worth.  To really save, look into a vacation rental.  Then you can cook if you want, since you have a kitchen, and you won't have to pay for more than one room, since most have several bedrooms.

  • Food and activities can really add up.  The best thing for you to do is pick up a Cancun Discount Card that gives you 2x1 discounts on dining and big discounts on your tours.  This will add up dramatically if you have a family.  This is the absolute biggest money saver you will find in Cancun.  Don't miss this one.

  • Take a private shuttle from the airport instead of a shared shuttle.  Instead of paying per person, you'll pay per vehicle.  For families of four or more, this will save you money.

  • Look into a vacation package.  Often, these packages will be excellent deals. 

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