Free Flights with Frequent Flyer Miles - Learn How!

One of the best ways we use to get cheap travel is our trusty Frequent Flyer Miles!  We don't usually even have to collect them when we travel, because we're always using them to FLY FOR FREE!  Frequent Flyer Miles are so wonderful!  You can just buy the things you normally do, and save up for that next vacation.  The best part, is that to fly to Cancun, you only need as little as 22,500 miles from the US, depending on your program.  We are members of several programs, including Alaska Airlines, but most of all we use the American Airlines AAdvantage program. 

To find more about a specific frequent flyer program, follow the links below:

Alaska Airlines

American Airlines

America West


British Airways


Delta Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines


United Airlines

U.S. Airways


We've given you a rundown of what programs are out there, and what the best tools to use for getting miles are.  If you use these programs properly, you should never have to pay for air travel.  Imagine that -  never pay for air travel again!  There is once in a great while that we do pay for our flights, that's only when we have to travel on very short notice, especially during the summer months.  You can also use your miles for free vacations.  Free cruises, free hotels, and much more too.  All the airlines book vacations including hotels, airfare, and even cruises.  You can redeem your miles for these as well - not only airfares.

By far and away the best way to get frequent flyer miles without traveling is to get a Mileage Rewards credit card.  You not only get up to 20,000 bonus miles for signing up, but you get one mile for each dollar spent - on anything!  Plus, many of the cards give you reduced mileage awards and other benefits.  We get over four free flights to Mexico or the Caribbean each year just for using our card, let alone all the other miles we pick up along the way. That's right - FOUR FREE FLIGHTS PER YEAR!  Pick the credit card that's right for your mileage program:

or, there are many rewards cards that let you gain points toward travel on any airline, such as WorldPerks and others. To see a list of those cards, click:

Fly For Free on Any Airline

Don't forget about the #1 way to rack up the miles!  If you're a business owner, you can get one mile for each dollar your business spends each year!  That includes miles your employees spend.  If you have a medium-to-large business, that can mean millions of free miles!  If you have a small business, it's still thousands of FREE miles!  We use a business frequent flyer miles card for all our business purchases, and you should too!

Of course, there are so many other ways to get miles too.  You can get miles for every hotel you stay in, every car you rent, every check you write, every phone call you make, every meal you eat, and more.  You can even get miles for investments, real estate, buying flowers, or buying groceries!  You can get miles toward your free flights for almost everything you do every day!  Plus, if you pay for these things with your mileage credit card, you'll get miles for that too!

never pay for an airline ticket again!

To read more about the benefits of a certain program and to apply, click the links below:

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan
If you live in the Pacific Northwest, this plan is a must for you.  In fact, this should probably be your primary plan.  Nobody serves the west coast better than Alaska.  Plus, with powerful partner airlines like Delta and Air France and American Airlines, you have many choices for award travel.  We are members of the Alaska program.

American AAdvantage
This is one of the top programs out there particularly if you live near one of American's hubs in Dallas, Chicago, or Miami.  You can earn miles very easily and it doesn't take many of them to get an award, particularly if you use the reduced mileage awards with the Citibank AAdvantage Mastercard.  American is our primary program.

America West FlightFund
The America West frequent flyer miles program is now defunct, following America West's merger with U.S. Airways.  Too bad because America West was one of the best airlines out there.

Asiana Magic Miles
Asiana is a great program for those who fly frequently to Asia, particularly Korea, China, and Japan.  It is somewhat limited in value to the rest of us, however.  If you fly Asiana or its partners, make sure to open a secondary account.

British Airways Executive Club
British Airways is part of American Airlines OneWorld Alliance.  If you fly frequently to or from Europe, particularly the UK, this is the program for you.  If you don't, then this should probably not be your primary account.

Continental OnePass
Continental's frequent flyer program is now defunct, following Continental's merger with United Airlines.  Too bad because it was one of the best out there.

Delta SkyMiles
Delta is also part of the powerful SkyTeam, with Continental, Northwest, and Alaska.  Delta is the world's second largest airline. Hooking up with them makes sense.  We are members of the Delta program.

Hawaiian Miles
If you live in Hawaii, this is a no-brainer.  If you frequently fly to Hawaii, this is also a good program for you.  For the rest of us, the usefulness is limited.  Discounts on Activities and Resorts in Hawaii are nice, though.

United Miles Plus
United is no longer the world's largest airline but it is still part of the monster Star Alliance featuring European giants SAS and Lufthansa giving them over 800 unique destinations.  This program is a must to add to your collection, even if it's not your primary.

U.S. Airways Dividend Miles
The U.S. Airways frequent flyer miles program is now defunct, following their merger with American Airlines.  That's ok, this was one of the worst programs out there while it lasted.  The AAdvantage program is a big step up.

Did you know you can buy miles if you don't have enough for a free trip?  It won't be free, but it will be a lot less than full price, that's for sure.  Well, there's a site out there called that does exactly that. Get the additional frequent flyer miles you need for a free airline ticket with a click of the mouse! that will handle all of this for you and get you flying for free right away!  Give them a look.  We do.

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