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Cancun Bullfighting has, for a very long time, been a very popular form of entertainment in Cancun Mexico.  Many visitors to Cancun Mexico are reluctant to attend their first bullfight there. This is because many visitors view such an event as being an unfair and cruel contest where the bull always dies.

To most Mexicans, however, a different viewpoint exists. They view the event as an exciting display of the skill and bravery of the Matadors, and as a celebration of traditional cultural ideals regarding machismo.


Bullfighting Cancun

At each Cancun bullfighting event, six bulls are fought by three Matadors. Each Matador fights two bulls for approximately twenty minutes. The spectacle starts with a trumpet blast which precedes the entrance of the bull. The Cancun bull fight is divided into 3 stages called tercios, which are separated by horn-signals.

In the first stage, the bullfighter uses a large purple and yellow cape to display the bull to the crowd and to assess its strength. The picadores, mounted horsemen, then proceed to enter the ring. They carry with them long pikes with a steel tip. The pikes have metal guards on them which prevent the pikes from penetrating the bull by more than four inches. The picadores lance the back of the bull with these pikes in order to test the bulls strength and to weaken it.

The next stage is La Suerte de Banderillas, where three banderilleros attempt to stick a pair of darts into the attacking the bull's back in order to further weaken it.

In the final stage, the Matador enters the ring and, by leading the bull around the ring with a small red cape, the Matador dodges and taunts the bull and shows the spectators his power and courage. After his display of showmanship, the Matador attempts to bring the bull to a strategic spot in the arena where he will deliver the "estocada" (killing sword thrust) into the neck of the bull. If done properly, the sword severs the aorta and kills the bull instantly. The Cancun bull fight ends at this point and trophies are awarded to the matador, depending on his bravery and skill.

Our Advice: If you want to attend a bullfight in Cancun, MAKE SURE you do some reading before you go about the ceremonial traditions of bullfighting.  You need to fully understand the tradition and history behind bullfighting before you attend this event.  It will make all the difference in the world.  Trust us on this one - it is very, very important for your enjoyment of the event.

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Tour Schedule: Wednesdays from 3:30PM to 6:00PM at Cancun's Plaza Los Toros.  This tour is seasonal and runs only December 22nd through May 12th.

Includes: Entrance to the Bullfights, Transportation (see below)

Transportation:  Free transportation is available from Tequila Grill at Plaza Kukulcan Mall at 2:15 PM and the parking lot beside Plaza Forum mall at 2:30 PM.  Drop-off is at Tequila Grill after the bullfight.  Alternatively, you can just take a taxi to Plaza Los Toros and back and not worry about the transportation.  Hotel pick-up is available for Playa del Carmen hotels for $15.00 per person (only between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, not further south).

NO-RISK WEATHER POLICY - If the weather is bad and the tour cannot go out for any reason, you will receive a 100% refund. No risk, no worries!

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