Cancun Student Discounts

Cancun Student Discounts do exist, and we'll show you where to find them!  Cancun is a world-famous spot for students to visit and PARTY!  Cancun Spring Break is legendary around the world.  The problem is...how does a college student afford to visit Cancun?  Well, this site can help you.  There are several ways for students to save on Cancun.  For more ways to save in Cancun, click on the links at left.

Cancun Student Discounts Tip #1   Hotels don't have to be expensive.

The #1 expenditure for trips to Cancun is the hotel, right?  Hundreds of dollars a night?  It doesn't have to be!  Visit ourCancun Hostels page for dirt cheap rooms from $5 per night!  You can even find Cancun All-Inclusive Resorts for only $54 per night!

Cancun Student Discounts Tip #2   Look into a Cancun discount card.

The Entertainment Plus Cancun discount card gets you 2x1 drinks, dining, entertainment, free cover charges into clubs, cheap activities and tours, and much more.  It's a really great deal for anybody heading to Cancun.  The ISE Student Advantage Card is also a popular option for the traveling youth.

Cancun Discounts Tip #3     Use a calling card to call home - not the hotel.

You might not know it until you check out, but if you call home from the hotel, you're going to be sorry.  Long distance is EXTREMELY expensive from hotels in Cancun.  Zaptel offers student discounts on calling cards where you can call the U.S. from Cancun, or vice-versa, for even lower rates than Zaptel's usual rates.  It's a win-win situation.

Cancun Student Discounts Tip #4     Use a Student Credit Card & Get Cash

Many credit cards are now offering rewards programs, but most of them don't accept students.  The Discover Student Card is expressly for students, and pays you 2% cash back on purchases.  It will allow you to rent a car in Cancun, and gives you free travel insurance.

Cancun Student Discounts Tip #5     Fly Airhitch!

Many students have more time than money.  If this is you, then Airhitch might be for you.  You can fly for next to nothing, but you're flying standby.  We know a guy who flew to Sweden from Portland on Airhitch for less than $300 in mid-summer when tickets were going for $1600!

Cancun Student Discounts Tip #6   Try a Spring Break Package Deal.

If you're heading down to Cancun for Spring Break, you can often find excellent Spring Break deals through a specialty travel agent like Student Travel Services.  All they do is Spring Break and Student travel, and they focus on getting good deals on all the best parties.

Cancun Student Discount Tip #7   Try a student all-inclusive tour package.

I know this doesn't sound like a savings tip, but it is.  HostelWorld offers several all-inclusive adventure tour packages that take you wonderful places and include up to 16 days of lodging, meals, activities, and tours for as little as $500!

If you know of any more good tips for us to pass on as far as student discounts, please let us know!  We'd love to hear from you!

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Cancun Discounts

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