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Are the costs of visiting Cancun getting you down?  Well, we're here to help.  Cancun vacation packages are often the best way to save some money on your trip.  The large travel agencies will often strike deals with airlines and hotel chains, and offer them as package deals for really unreal prices!  To keep updated on the current specials, you'll want to sign up for our free newsletter at right.  When we get the word on new deals, we send them your way.  

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How to find a Cheap Cancun Vacation

Cancun Vacations Rule #1     Pick the Right Time of Year.

This is the single biggest factor in finding the biggest Cancun vacation discounts.  For example, when we flew to Cancun over the Millennium, the airfare alone cost us $1200 per person!  However, if we were to fly today, it would only be $350.  Quite a difference!  How do you know when the right time to go is?

  1. Travel to Cancun during off-peak seasons (fall and late spring are best).

  2. Travel to Cancun mid-week instead of on Mondays, Fridays, or Weekends.

  3. Make sure to include a Saturday night stay in Cancun.

  4. Avoid holidays at all costs, especially Christmas.  We always ignore this one, and pay dearly for it!  It's tough when you're on a school schedule!

Cancun Vacations Rule #2     Reserve Early, But Not Too Early.

There are some sites, such as Amstar and CheapCaribbean that really do get you great deals on last-minute flights and hotels.  However, if you know you're going to take a Cancun vacation well in advance, then its best to book early.  Often as the low-fare airline seats get filled up, only full-fare seats remain.  While the last-minute sites are great for that spontaneous getaway, the deals can sometimes be sporadic, so our advice is not to wait unless you're willing to take the chance of not traveling on the dates you want.

However, if you book more than six months in advance, it is possible that some of the hotels have not yet opened up for reservations, or are waiting to see what the response is before opening up any deals, which could also limit your ability to find good deals on your Cancun vacation packages. 

Also make sure to sign up TravelZoo.  It's a weekly newsletter that offers some awesome deals - not only to Cancun, but also lots of other places.  We always check it to see when the next unbeatable deal is being offered.  Very comprehensive, and has lots of good stuff.

If you follow these guidelines, chances are you'll have an excellent trip and save a lot of money.  If you have a Cancun Vacation discount or rule you'd like to share with us, please Contact Us.  We'd love to hear from you!

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