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Cancun has perhaps the greatest bus system of any tourist destination we've been to. Throughout the Cancun Hotel Zone, the buses run 24 hours a day, cost just $8.50 Pesos to ride (About 40 cents) and take you where ever you want to go in the hotel zone.  Riding the bus in Cancun is safe, convenient, and is the most common form of transportation.  If you're staying in Cancun, forget about renting a car or even taking a taxi.  Just take a quick  Airport Transfer to your hotel and back and while you're in Cancun, just ride the bus around - it's so easy you'll be amazed.


The bus stops are so easy to find because they're almost everywhere.  Each bus stop is clearly marked with a sign that looks like this:

Cancun Bus Stop Sign

For a good overall look at the bus stops of Cancun, you can see this map.  If you're not at a stop, and a bus goes by, you can usually raise your arm like you're hailing a taxi and the bus will stop for you.  When getting off the bus, the bus will only stop at a bus stop, even if you ask the driver to stop earlier.


The buses in Cancun are run by two different companies.  The route numbers will be clearly displayed on the front window, so you'll know which bus to get on.  The buses aren't in the greatest condition, but they're not bad.  When riding the bus, just pull on the cord to notify the driver when you want to stop. If it doesn't work, just yell "stop" and he'll pull over as soon as the next bus stop comes up.

Cancun Bus
Cancun City Bus


The bus system in Cancun is set up very well and there are many options.  All the buses to the other cities leave from the main Cancun bus station, located downtown at the corner of Avenida Uxmal and Avenida Tulum.  To reach it, you'll first need to take the Cancun city bus there.  Once there, you can hop a bus to almost any town in Mexico.  Watch out though, riding the bus outside of Cancun isn't quite so tourist-friendly as it is within Cancun.  Most people take a pre-reserved Airport transfer from the airport to Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya.  With all your luggage and everything, this is probably smart.  However, if you're backpacking or roughing it, then the bus is very cheap, moderately safe, and pretty easy to ride.


For complete prices, schedules and tickets for buses to other towns including Playa del Carmen, Tulum or Chiquila, you can visit the ADO website.

There are different levels of buses available, from economy to deluxe, and also there are different prices depending on what date or demand there is at the time.  The prices represented below are the lowest we found during our latest search - could be more or less depending on the time you are traveling, and the type of bus you want to take, but these serve to give you a general idea of the price differences.

Destination One-Way Fare Schedule Travel Time
Cancun $8.5 Pesos Every minute 20 min max.
Playa del Carmen $40 Pesos 30 times / day 1 hr. 10 min.
Tulum $66 Pesos 17 times / day 2 hours
Chiquila $114 Pesos 4 times / day 3 hours
Merida $203 Pesos 30 times / day 4 hr. 15 min.
Mexico City $1,098 Pesos 6 times / day 23 hours


The two major routes in Cancun proper are R1 and R2. Both will take you where you want to go.  R1 is the route to go downtown or to the bus station.  The only real thing here to make sure of is that you grab the bus on the right side of the street to take you where you want to go.  The buses on the ocean side of the street will go toward downtown, and the lagoon side buses will go toward the airport.

Major Routes

R1 - Take this route to go downtown, or to Puerto Juarez, Wal-Mart, Plaza 2000, Mercado 23 and the Cancun bus station.

R2 - Goes to Wal-Mart & Mercado 28.

Minor Routes

R15 - Goes to Wal-Mart & Mercado 28.

R27 - Goes along Tulum Ave to Plaza Las Americas where you catch the collectivo to Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

There is also Bus One, a white bus that runs in the Cancun Hotel Zone, which is the only bus with air conditioning.  It costs 11 pesos.


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