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Not all Frequent Flyer Miles credit cards have to be specific to one airline or one alliance.  There are a variety of cards out there that can be redeemed for points.  These points can then be converted to frequent flyer miles for use on ANY airline.  WorldPerks is the most famous of these programs, but there are others too.  There are also rewards cards that give you Hilton HHonors points, or other hotel rewards, and other things too, like gas.

The credit cards listed here below will get you points, not technically frequent flyer miles, but you can travel for free with them all the same.  There are definite advantages to using these cards, if you're not keen on sticking to one airline program.  Make sure to pick up a copy of The Frequent Flyer Guide to get the most Free Travel possible!

Of course, many of you want to work with the frequent flyer program that you're loyal to, or that provides you the most benefit.  We've included the airline or frequent flyer-specific cards and information about the programs too.  Just click on the links below.

Alaska Airlines

American Airlines

America West


British Airways


Delta Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines


United Airlines

U.S. Airways


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