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Riding an ATV through the dense jungles of Cozumel is not only a great adrenaline charged adventure, but it gives you a close encounter to the wild side of Cozumel. Ride along the beautiful deserted white sand beaches of Cozumel's East shore in a Buggy or an ATV. Discover some of the hidden treasures of the jungle covered interior, ride to the Mayan caves and Mayan cenotes to cool off with a refreshing snorkeling adventure inside Cozumel's protected marine park!


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ATV Jade Tour Cozumel ATV to Jade

$159.00 $69.00
YOU SAVE 60% !

ATV Tour Cozumel Jade Caverns &
Beach Break

$95.00 $69.00
YOU SAVE 30% !

ATV ATX Tour Cozumel Mezcalitos ATV Expedition
$89.00 $79.00
YOU SAVE 10% !

Mayan Buggy Tour Cozumel Off-Road
Punta Sur

$99.00 $76.50
YOU SAVE 25% !

Off Road Tour Cozumel Off-Road Mayan Adventure
$104.00 $76.50
YOU SAVE 30% !

ATV ATX Tour Cozumel ATX-Rails Expedition
$376.00 $239.00
YOU SAVE 35% !

Jeep Tour Cozumel Cozumel Jeep

$100.00 $79.00
YOU SAVE 20% !

Cozumel Island Adventure Cozumel Island Adventure
$99.00 $69.00
YOU SAVE 30% !

Choose from one of the different ATV tours we offer in Cozumel; choose to visit the Mayan Villages or to go snorkeling on coral reefs, or even see ancient Mayan ruins and caves! Ride through the virtually uninhabited Eastern half of Cozumel, on this side of the island you will be practically riding with the crew and other guests. These ATV tours are great cruise excursions too - only 2 to 5 hours in length, you can see the island and still have time to explore! A ride in the wild side awaits for you!

Cozumel ATV Tour - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it hard to ride? as I have no previous experience.
Our ATVs are split between semi-automatic and fully automatic, depending on the tour you choose, they are easy to ride, even for first-timers. Our friendly tour guides will teach you how to ride them.

Q: What is the minimum age?
Drivers must be at least 16 years of age and have a valid drivers license. Kids 8 years old and up are welcome to be passengers, though.

Q: Which one would you recommend?
While all of these are very fun options, you've gotta love the xrails!  The Snorkel & Beach option is good because in addition to the tour you can chill at a beach club the rest of the day if you want.  Saves you the trip!

Q: Are there any restrictions to ride ATVs?
Yes, Pregnant women or people with heart conditions or overweight people, severe back or neck problems or epilepsy cannot participate in this excursion. Guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to participate.

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