Cozumel Horseback Riding Tours

Cozumel offers great horseback riding tours, you can choose from different options.  You can  either head deep into the Mayan jungle for an eco-adventure, or you can go and explore local Mayan ruins and also discover ancient caves that go from the jungle to the beach.  All our horseback rides are suitable for people all ages, including kids, they make great fun family activities as well as great cruise shore excursions for people looking to do some tours in Cozumel.


All Tours Depart From Cozumel

Cozumel Horseback Riding El Cedral Horseback Ride
$68.00 $59.00
YOU SAVE 10% !

Jungle Horseback Riding Tour Eco Horseback Ride
$45.00 $39.50
YOU SAVE 10% !

Cozumel Horseback Ride & Canopy Horseback Ride & Zip Lines
$120.00 $114.00

Mr Sancho s Horseback Riding Cozumel Ultimate Beach Riding Tour

Horseback Riding Tours - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear when horseback riding in Cozumel?
A: We recommend you wear long pants to protect your legs from rubbing on the horse and the stirrups. You'll also want to wear good riding shoes (tennis shoes are fine) and don't forget to bring your camera along for the ride! 

Q: Does this tour require previous experience?
A: No experience is required. These activities are suitable for beginners and even kids can ride. We offer horses for all skill levels.

Q: Can we run with the horses, if I'm experienced?
A: Some tours will allow you to gallop with the horses, you might want to let the tour guide know about it. 

Q: Is there any ride that offers beach horseback ride?
A:  Yes, we have one ride that includes beach riding. The others are jungle rides.

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