Swim With Dolphins Riviera Maya!

The # 1 place in Playa del Carmen to swim with dolphins is Dolphin Discovery, located just 15 minutes south of town in Puerto Aventuras.  Here, you'll get to experience such things as exciting belly rides and dorsal tows, and even swim with manatees and playful sea lions! Kids of all ages can enjoy the dolphin encounter, and adults and older kids can have the thrill of their lives in Playa del Carmen!


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Royal Dolphin Swim Riviera Maya Royal Dolphin

$139.00 $111.75
SAVE UP TO 25% !

Dolphin Swim Adventure Riviera Maya Dolphin Swim Adventure
$109.00 $89.25
SAVE UP TO 25% !

Dolphin Encounter Riviera Maya Dolphin

$79.00  $66.75
SAVE UP TO 25% !

Manatees Sea Life Circle & Manatees
$169.00 $134.25
SAVE UP TO 25% !

Dolphin Swims Discounts

About the Dolphin Swims

Royal Dolphin Swim - The most popular swim, features the Foot Push and Dorsal Tow, two high-speed activities.

Dolphin Swim Adventure - The entry level dolphin swim, featuring an exciting belly ride.  No foot push or dorsal tow.

Dolphin Encounter - Great for kids of all ages and those who don't feel comfortable in deep water.

Sea Life Discovery Plus - The most awesome activity of them all.  You not only get a Royal Dolphin Swim, but you get to swim with manatees and sea lions as well.

IMPORTANT: It is very important to reserve your Playa del Carmen dolphin swim online before you leave for Mexico.  This is a hugely popular activity, and especially in high season, if you wait until you get to Mexico and try to sign up, you will likely not get to swim with the dolphins.  We offer you every choice possible above, and with us you can get special prices on packages as well as every possible promotion and sale price.


The dolphin center is located in Puerto Aventuras, about 15 minutes south of Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya.  It is about 10 minutes from the Calica cruise port.  These activities offer FREE transfers from all Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya hotels, but do not offer pickup at Calica.  If you are coming on a cruise, then you'll just take a taxi to the dolphin center - very easy, taxis are all lined up waiting for you as you get off the ship.

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