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If you are into scuba diving and admiring an amazing underwater ecosystem, the Riviera Maya offers a wide range of scuba excursions for you! Holding the second largest barrier reef in the world, the Mayan Riviera is home to numerous fish species, some of them rarely found elsewhere. On these scuba diving tours, you will enjoy rich marine life, including the beautiful sea turtles and some mesmerizing natural architecture like freshwater cenotes.


All Tours Depart From Riviera Maya - See Also Scuba Diving in Cancun and Costa Maya

2-tank dive Scuba Diving: 2-Tank Dive
$85.00 $69.00
YOU SAVE 10% !

1-Tank Dive Scuba Diving: 1-Tank Dive
$60.00 $49.00
YOU SAVE 15% !

Night Dive Playa del Carmen Scuba Diving: Night Dive
$70.00 $59.00
SAVE 15% !

Resort Course Discover
Scuba Diving

$99.00 $89.00
SAVE 10% !


Cozumel Scuba Diving Cozumel Scuba Diving
$109.00 $72.00
SAVE 35% !

Cenotes Scuba Diving Dive the Cenotes!
$135.00 $120.00
SAVE 10% !

Coral Reef Scuba Diving Bull Shark
Adventure Dive

$88.00 $80.00
YOU SAVE 10% !

Coral Reef Scuba Diving Underwater
Museum Dive


The underground river system is home to many fish families like the green moray eel, the honeycomb, white spotted filefish, yellowtail snapper, bar jack, clown wrasse, white spotted eagle ray, sailfish, octopus, lobsters and more!

Our different scuba diving programs offer activities for experienced divers or for people who are not yet certified but wish to experience scuba diving in a beautiful, safe environment. From 1 or 2-tank diving, cenote cave expeditions and many more adventures in an underwater world, our tours are perfect for anyone who loves the sea and the wonders that inhabit it. All our trips are led by a certified guide who will instruct and accompany you on your journey and many of them are suitable for cruise shore excursions!

Riviera Maya Scuba Diving - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the water temperature?
Water temperatures range from the low 80s in the summer to the upper 70s in the winter - comfortable all year round.

Q: Should I bring my own equipment?
A:  You are welcome to bring your own, but we have equipment available for rent as well.

Q: I've never dove before - what should I choose?
We recommend the Discover Scuba Diving - it's kind of a try before you buy deal.  Once you are sure you'll enjoy it (and we're sure you will), you can do the Open Water Certification course and get certified to do any of our dives.

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