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Swimming with dolphins is a dream come true for many people.  Ever since "Flipper" first appeared on the air many years ago, people of all ages have dreamed what it would be like to actually swim with real live dolphins - they're so cute, so playful, and so intelligent!  Well, you're in luck!  The Riviera Maya offers a plethora of wonderful opportunities to swim with dolphins, see them below!


All Activities Depart From Riviera Maya Hotels - See Also Cancun and Playa del Carmen

Xcaret Dolphin Swim Delphinus Primax
$169.00 $126.75
SAVE UP TO 25% !

Dolphin Swim & Ride Riviera Maya Dolphin Swim & Ride
$219.99 $116.91
SAVE UP TO 15% !

Dolphin Trainer for a Day Interax
Dolphin Swim

$99.00 $74.25
SAVE UP TO 25% !

Couples Dream Dolphin Swim Couples Dream Swim
$399.00 $149.62
SAVE UP TO 25% !


Royal Dolphin Swim Riviera Maya Royal Dolphin Swim Plus
$169.00 $126.75
SAVE UP TO 25% !

Dolphin Swim Adventure Riviera Maya Dolphin Swim Adventure
$139.00 $104.25
SAVE UP TO 25% !

Dolphin Encounter Riviera Maya Dolphin Encounter
$99.00 $74.25
SAVE UP TO 25% !

Dolphin Trainer for a Day Dolphin Trainer for a Day
$209.00 $156.75
SAVE UP TO 25% !


Xcaret Kids Dolphins Private Dolphin Swim
$499.00 $374.25
SAVE UP TO 25% !

Delphinus Trek Xel Ha Delphinus Trek at Xel Ha
$149.00  $111.75
SAVE UP TO 15% !

Xel Ha Dolphins Combo: Xel-Ha & Dolphins
FROM $74.25
SAVE UP TO 40% !

Xcaret Kids Dolphins Combo: Xcaret & Dolphins
FROM $74.25
SAVE UP TO 25% !




Xplor & Dolphin Swim Dolphins & Xplor Combo
$344.99 $269.90
YOU SAVE 20% !

Xplor & Dolphin Swim Dolphins & Xenses Combo

Dolphins & Xcaret at Night Dolphins & Xcaret at Night
$248.00  $143.65
YOU SAVE 45% !

Super Combo! Dolphins Xtreme
$189.00 $169.00
YOU SAVE 10% !

Dolphin Swims Discounts

Our Recommendations:

Dolphin Swims at Xcaret or Xel Ha

Generally, we recommend not to do your dolphin swim at Xcaret or Xel Ha.  The swims are just as good as anywhere, but you've paid a lot of money to get into the park, so you'll want to spend as much time as possible enjoying the facilities.  You can always do a dolphin swim the next day, pay the same amount, and have more time at Xcaret or Xel Ha to enjoy the park.  The exception is if you want to do the Sea Trek with dolphins - this is available only at Xel Ha.

Families with Kids under 6 Years Old

The only option for you if your kids are under 39 inches tall or 6 years old is to do the Dolphin Encounter, or combine it with Tulum.  The kids will love it, and the photos are so cute!

Which Dolphin Swim activity should I choose?

The best dolphin experience in our opinion has got to be Dolphin Trainer for a Day.  You spend all day with the dolphin trainers, getting a real close up interaction with the dolphins in a way no other activity can match.  You get to do all the activities of the popular Primax activity, but also so much more.  A whopping 200 minutes actually in the water with the dolphins!  

Another great option is the Sea Life Circle where you get the Royal Dolphin Swim but also a Manatee Encounter, a rare thing to be able to experience.   For a romantic or intimate experience the couples swim or private swim can't be beat.  Also great is to do Tulum and the Dolphins together - a great combo price, and you get to choose your dolphin activities.  For the smallest kids Dolphin Encounter or Tulum combo.   All are great deals at up to 25% off regular price!

Dolphin Discovery - Xcaret - Xel Ha

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