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Xel Ha is one of the most beautiful places in the Riviera Maya.  It is a true tropical paradise, filled with tranquil lagoons teeming with tropical fish, relaxing rivers you can float along through the park, Mayan ruins, dolphins, tropical birds, hammocks, white sand beaches, tropical rain forest, and an awesome all-inclusive package to make your luxury day in paradise complete.


All Tours Depart From Riviera Maya Hotels - See Also From Cancun and Playa del Carmen

Xel Ha from Playa del Carmen Xel-Ha

$142.99 $117.00
YOU SAVE 20% !

Xel-Ha Tulum Tour Tulum Xel-Ha

$164.99 $149.00
YOU SAVE 10% !

Coba Xel Ha Combo Tour Coba &
Xel Ha Combo

$149.99 $129.99
YOU SAVE 15% !

Xel Ha Combo Tours Multi-Day
Super Combos



Private Xel Ha All-Inclusive Private Xel-Ha All-Inclusive
FROM $129.00

Tulum Xel-Ha Private Tour Private Tulum
& Xel Ha

FROM $149.00

Xel Ha Entrance Xel Ha
Entrance Only

$109.99 $109.00
YOU SAVE 10% !

Xcaret Tour from Cancun Compare with

FROM $89.00
SAVE UP 25% !

These are All-Inclusive Packages (Includes Entrance, Transportation and Dolphin Swim)

Xel Ha Dolphin Swim Xel-Ha &
Dolphin Swim

$293.99 $212.41
YOU SAVE 30% !

Xel Ha Dolphins Xel Ha &
Dolphin Ride

$219.90 $186.91
YOU SAVE 15% !

Dolphinclusive Interax Xel Ha &
Interax Swim

$243.99 $169.91
SAVE UP TO 30% !

Dolphin Trainer Xel Ha Dolphin Trainer
For a Day

$209.00 $156.75
SAVE UP TO 25% !

These Dolphin Swims Require an Xel-Ha Tour.  Entrance Fees and Transport Not Included.

Primax Dolphins at Xel-Ha Dolphin Primax

$149.00 $111.75
YOU SAVE 25% !

Xel Ha Dolphins Dolphin Interax

$99.00 $74.25
SAVE UP TO 25% !

Delphinus Trek Xel Ha Dolphins Trek

$149.00 $111.75
SAVE UP TO 25% !

Garrafon Discovery Dolphin Swim Adventure See All
Dolphin Swims

FROM $74.25
SAVE UP TO 45% !

Xel Ha is a great place for couples, honeymooning in the Riviera Maya, or for families to enjoy a day in the sunshine with the kids.  It is truly a wonder of nature, and everyone enjoys their day here.  Highly recommended for all visitors to the Riviera Maya.

Multimedia:     See Photos     Video #1    Video #2    Video #3


The following items are included in all of our tours and entrance tickets, shown above.  You just need to bring yourself!

  • All-Day Open Bar

  • All-Day All-You-Can-Eat

  • Bicycles

  • Kayaks

  • Childrens World

  • Deck Chairs

  • Hammocks

  • Snorkeling Equipment

  • Lifejackets

  • Innertubes

  • Security Bags

  • Towels

  • Lockers

  • Showers


  • Rope Swing

  • Conscience Path

  • Snorkeling

  • Natural Inlet

  • Mayan Wall

  • Floating Bridge

  • Mangrove Chaac

  • Cenotes

  • Nature Trail

  • Apiary

  • Bay of Caprices

  • Tree Nursery

  • Train Ride

  • Hammock Island

  • The Beach

  • Grotto El Dorado

  • Grotto Ixchel

  • Mayan Cave

  • Rope Bridge

  • Courage Cliff

  • Childrens Playground

  • Natural River


  • Swim With Dolphins

  • Spa

  • Sea Trek

  • Snuba

The park is open from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM every day.

Our Recommendations: 

If you are staying in Playa del Carmen or regions north of Playa del Carmen:

We recommend the Private Xel Ha All-Inclusive.  This tour will give you the maximum time at the park, and save you 2.5 hours on average over the public tour.  However, if you're only a few people, you will save money by doing the public tour.

If you are staying south of Playa del Carmen (Akumal or Tulum):

You'll probably want to choose the "Entrance Only" option above.  This will give you only your tickets, which will save you having to stand in long lines at the entrance to purchase them, but will not provide transportation.  From these areas, it will likely be somewhat cheaper for you to just take a taxi than to do a tour since they are near Xel Ha.  Of course, with a tour, it's all taken care of - nothing for you to worry about.

If you have your own rental car:

Even if you have a rental car, a tour is still the way to go.  Remember that the package is all-inclusive, so if you plan to utilize the package and drink alcohol, this will inhibit your ability to drive a vehicle.  Drinking and driving laws are strictly enforced, and landing in Mexican jail can really ruin a vacation.  However, if you don't drink, you may want to choose the "Entrance Only" option and drive yourself. 

Tulum & Xel Ha Packages:

In our opinion, Xel Ha is best experienced in an all-day tour, rather than a combo tour.  We did this and felt that we wished we had more time at Xel Ha.  However, if you want to see Mayan Ruins, but have kids - this is a good compromise.  Something for you, something for them.  Also if you don't have time to do both things during your vacation, this is a way for you to get a taste of both.

Dolphin Swims:

While we normally recommend to do the dolphin swim somewhere else on a different day so that you can enjoy the park to it's fullest, you can't do the Sea Trek with dolphins anywhere else, so that one you'll want to do here.  Also, if you don't have time to do the swim on another day.  For the best experience, though, doing dolphins with a Tulum & Xel Ha combo will leave you with very little time to enjoy the park, so we'd recommend only doing dolphins with an Xel Ha only tour.  It is critical to book the dolphin swims well in advance, they will almost surely be sold out by the time you arrive at Xel Ha.

Dolphin Swim Price* Total
Time in Water Min Age
or Height
Defining Features
Dolphin Trainer for a Day $156 8 Hrs 200 Min 9 Yrs 8 Primax + Training, Feeding, Care, Lunch
Dolphins Trek $126 60 Min 45 Min 13 Yrs 8 Sea Trek with Dolphins
Primax $63* 60 Min 45 Min 39 In. 6 Foot Push
Interax $3* 45 Min 30 Min 39 In. 10 Underwater Platform
Dolphin Swim & Ride $33* 45 Min 30 Min 39 In. 10 Dorsal Tow
* Prices shown depict the maximum Early Booking Discount of 25%.  If you book late then the pricing may vary.  Prices for Primax, Interax and Dolphin Ride are the effective prices if you buy the Dolphinclusive package (taking into account the $80.00 for Xel Ha Entrance Fees).  Prices are higher if you buy individually. Interax is the only activity that doesn't take place in deep water where you're actually swimming with the dolphins.

IMPORTANT: Xel Ha will not allow you to bring your regular sunblock into the park, as part of the ongoing effort to protect the environment.  It will be confiscated at the gate unless it is biodegradable. See Biodegradable Sunscreen.

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