XPLOR is the newest adventure park in Cancun.  It's main attractions are a series of 14 exciting zip lines that include splashdowns inside of underground caverns called cenotes and the highest zip line in Cancun.  The other main attraction at Xplor is the series of underground rivers that you can float on rafts, swim or snorkel, filled with stalactites and stalagmites, very cool.


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Xplor Xplor: Ultimate

$175.99 $159.00
YOU SAVE 10% !

Xplor Fuego Xplor at Night
(Xplor Fire)

$153.99 $139.00
YOU SAVE 10% !

Xplor & Dolphin Swim Xplor &
Dolphin Swim

$329.00 $206.55
YOU SAVE 40% !

Super Combo! Multi-Day
Super Combos


We offer you the best prices and best selection of tours at Xplor, plus our exclusive line of Multi-Day super combo deals where you can save even more if you book Xplor in combination with Xel Ha, Xcaret or Chichen Itza.  The best thing about Xplor is that you can ride the zip lines as many times as you want, like an amusement park with unlimited tickets!


  • Two Circuits with 14 Zip Lines

  • Half-Mile Stalactite River Swim

  • Bridges

  • Unlimited Buffet

  • Unlimited Hot Chocolate

  • Two River Circuits on Rafts

  • Amphibious Vehicles

  • 6.2 Miles of Vehicle Track

  • Unlimited Snacks

  • Unlimited Flavored Water



  • Dressing Rooms

  • Lockers

  • Restrooms

  • Restaurant

  • Soda Fountain

  • Shops

  • Photo Service

  • Free Parking

  • Telephones

  • ATM Machines

Xplor Park Hours: Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Kids:  Must be at least 5 years old to enter the park.  Kids 5-11 years get 50% off the regular admission price. 


Q:  How far is Xplor from my Cancun Hotel?
Xplor is located south of Playa del Carmen, about 1 hour from Cancun (not counting stops).  Transportation is included in the price of our tours.

Q:  Xplor or Selvatica - which is best?  Which should I choose?
A:  This is really a question of personal preference.  Xplor is more of a theme park atmosphere.  You can ride the zip lines as many times as you want.  You have the amenities of a theme park, but also the crowds.  It is a theme park based in the natural cenote environment of the Riviera Maya, with zip lines that run from tower to tower.  Xplor is located about 30 minutes further from Cancun than Selvatica, which also may factor into your decision.  

Selvatica meanwhile is a true canopy tour.  It is built in the trees, and you zip through the jungle rather than over it.  It is built by the folks from Costa Rica who invented the canopy tour.  There are no man-made towers, no theme park amenities.  You are in the middle of the jungle - the natural environment.  There are other activities at Selvatica like ATVs, open cenotes and various types of interesting zip lines like Tarzania Human Roller Coaster and the Monster Zips. But there are no stalactites or stalagmites - no underwater caverns.  Kids only 3 years old can do Selvatica, but need to be 5 years old for Xplor.  Both are awesome things to do with families, it just depends which you prefer.

Q:  I saw Xplor advertised for only $129.99  Why is your price higher?
  The price you saw does not include transportation from Cancun.  It is only for the park entrance with no transportation.  Our price includes transportation and an English speaking tour guide on the bus.  You will still be on your own at the park, but this is a very convenient way to get there and back.

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